Although we carry one of the most complete inventories in the industry, we are also your source for hard-to-find items and solutions in various products. We have multiple stocking locations nationwide to suit your immediate needs, and we can offer third party turn-key services such as fabrication, coating, painting, and galvanizing.


Put our scale in perspective and see our incredible inventory in action with a wide variety of projects we have worked on in our decades of experience. Choose us as your steel piling supplier.


From driving accessories, connectors, and joint sealants, JDF has the material and value-added services needed to ensure your pile project is designed for success.


Anchorage is an integral part of earth retention and support of excavation design. When a sheet pile, soldier beam wall, or combi-wall application exceeds cantilevered parameters, the primary wall design is only as good as the anchorage designed to help maintain structural stability. Whether soil nails or tieback anchors to a deadman wall, JD Fields has a complete line of threaded bar and accessories available in all grades with standard corrosion protection systems. This turnkey material package allows JDF to offer our design and contractor partners a one-stop geostructural system.


Wide flange beams and channels also have their role in Geostructural applications. The deep web of some heavier structural shapes lends itself to resisting high bending moments. For deep excavations and higher exposed retaining walls, wide flange beams are a great solution. Channels are used in the design and fabrication of walers that support these very same walls.Our Construction Products group offers designers and contractors a complete line of domestic structural steel sections. Coupled with our broad range of steel foundation products, we are able to offer the most complete structural systems. To learn more about the complete range of structural shapes we have to offer, please click on the link below.


H-Piles are used in pile foundations, marine structures, and bending/earth retention applications such as Soldier Beam and Secant Pile Walls, just to name a few.The recent development of heavier 16” & 18” sections has opened H-Piles up to a multitude of structural applications. Coupled with the availability of higher grades, H-Piles demonstrate material and installation savings compared to alternate foundation systems.To view the complete range of H-Piling that JD Fields has to offer, please click on the link below.


Among the two processes from which steel sheet piling is produced; hot rolled and cold-formed, there are certain design aspects that may or may not be suitable for all geostructural applications. JD Fields offers a wide range of cold form sheet piles and hot-rolled sheet piles in Hat, U & Z shapes that span a broad geostructural spectrum. There are both technical and economic pros and cons to the products and intended use. It is our goal to help engineering and construction professionals navigate the technical nuances of cold form and hot-rolled piles through the design, specification, and installation processes.


JD Fields is evolving from conventional distribution to manufacturing. The path to vertical integration started with our west coast regional production of rolled and welded casing, structural steel, and pipe fabrication, and continues with plans to break ground in Q1 2021 in Southern Texas for a new state-of-the-art spiral weld pipe mill engineered to produce unique heavy wall structural pipe serving domestic DOT highway, USACE marine, and private port/civil sectors.


We have multiple strategic partners located throughout North America at or near our stocking and fabrication facilities. From standard coal tar and fusion bonded epoxies, to galvanizing and exotic marine coating systems, our sales and engineering professionals are ready to deliver low cost, turnkey pile systems directly to your jobsite.


In addition to our regional in-house value-added capabilities of R&W cans, structural, specialty beam, and pipe fabrication, JD Fields has numerous partners throughout North America to help meet all your project fabrication requirements.