Benefits of Line Pipe

Benefits of Line Pipe

Line pipe is used for oil and gas conveyance applications. Manufactured from carbon steel, it transports crude oil, natural gas, production fluids, and water from one point or process to the next.

This steel pipe type is durable to withstand high pressures, corrosive fluids, and extreme temperatures. Other advantages include:

• Strong
• Cracking Force Resistance
• Inexpensive
• Long Service Life
• Suitable For Sour Service

Your Line Pipe Partner
JD Fields delivers ASTM-, API-, and AWWA-compliant line pipe to your job site on time and within budget. All pipes are bent to specific, accurate radii and marked with your identification marks. Every order comes with matching certified Mill Test Reports, or MTRs, including heat numbers.

Line pipes are available in multiple carbon steel grades and PSL1 or PSL2 specification levels. As a top line pipe supplier, we carry the following:

• X42
• X46
• X52
• X56
• X60
• X70
• X80
• A106
• A333
• GR 6
• A53B
• SA53B
• A572

As a leading line pipe manufacturer, we can supply products in many conditions. This permits the client to choose the best construction type for their application. Line pipes we carry are fabricated using the following methods:

• Seamless, or SMLS
• High Frequency Welded, or HFW
• Electric Resistance Welded, or ERW
• Double Submerged Arc Welded, or DSAW
• Helical Submerged Arc Welded, or HSAW

Full-service Line Pipe Solutions Provider
Obtaining line pipe in the desired condition may require additional processing, and juggling service providers slows turnaround time while increasing costs.

As a premier line pipe distributor, JD Fields takes the hassle out of material acquisition by offering a full suite of services to streamline supply chains.

• Quality Control
• Pipe Coating
• Bonded Warehouse/Free Trade Zone
• Shipping And Stringing

Many oilfield applications operate in remote locations or sensitive environments. Equipment failure is not an option.

We offer quality services that are independent of pipe manufacturers, providing impartial assurance that products meet applicable industry standards or customer requirements. MTRs are provided for all materials furnished.

Uses of Line Pipe
The primary purpose of line pipe is the transportation of liquids, gases, and semisolids. Most often, it’s used to construct pipelines. Types of pipelines include:

Gathering Lines
Line pipe that transports crude oil or natural gas from the production site, also called a well pad or wellhead, to a central collection point

Production Lines
Line pipes located near the wellhead used to prepare and produce the crude oil or natural gas for transportation

Transmission Lines
Systems of large diameter line pipes that transport crude oil or natural gas long distances at high pressures

Distribution Line
The network of mains and line pipe used to move natural gas at relatively low pressures to homes and businesses

Line pipe from JD Fields is suitable for use in a wide array of applications. Examples include:

• Offshore Drilling
• Structural Applications
• Water Well And Downhole
• Water Treatment

Hazardous Environments, High Integrity Pipe
Hydrogen sulfide, which is also called sulfuric acid or H2S, is present in some oilfield applications. It can corrode certain materials and pose a threat to health, safety, and the environment. When hydrogen sulfide levels exceed specific thresholds, the application is designated as sour service.

JD Fields can supply line pipe processed to excel in sour service conditions. The pipe is constructed of purity fully killed steel, providing resistance to hydrogen-induced cracking, or HIC, and sulfide stress cracking, or SSC.

With our sour service line pipe, effective operation in high sulfuric acid environments is achievable. Our experts have extensive knowledge of sour service conditions and how to overcome them. They can help find the best line pipe for your needs.

Powering The World
The crude oil and natural gas extracted from subsurface formations on land and offshore are essential for modern society. They make it possible to generate power, travel by vehicle, create fabrics for high-performance clothing, and develop electronic devices that people worldwide use every day.

JD Fields is proud to be a trusted line pipe distributor for the oil and gas industry. Contact us to learn more about our line pipe products and value-added services!