3 Common Uses for Sheet Piling

What is Sheet Piling?

Sheet piling is a method of construction in which large sheets of steel, plastic, or wood that are interlocked and driven into the ground. Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in construction. In fact, 1,600 million tonnes of steel were produced around the world in 2016 alone. This material is durable, versatile, and can be useful in a variety of construction projects. Steel is commonly used to form sheet piles, which are large sheets of steel or plastic to form a long and sturdy wall. This article is going to delve into a few common uses for sheet piling.

Building foundations:
One of the most common uses for steel sheet piling is to build the underground foundations of a building, like a basement. Basements and other foundations require a strong material to be used to prevent the building from collapsing. Sheet piling helps to keep the building in place and prevents the soil surrounding the foundation from caving in. Contractors invest in the help of a sheet piling company because these walls can help keep out water and can offer longevity that not many other materials can.

Flood walls: 

Because sheet piling companies offer such durable materials, sheet piling is commonly used for flood protection. The piles offer a water-tightness that most other materials can't compete with. Sheet pilings are put together to create a watertight wall that can be backed with additional sealants if needed. Another great thing about using piles for flood protection is that it's cost-effective and easy to install.

Retaining structures: 

Steel sheet pile can also be used as retaining walls or seawalls. Similarly to how it's used for flood protection, sheet piling can be used to keep water in place. These walls can be either temporary or permanent, as they're easy to put up and take down as needed. A sheet piling company may supply materials for a seawall because, unlike other materials, steel won't rust and doesn't have to be replaced frequently. This means sheet piling retaining walls can handle whatever weather conditions they're exposed to and remain as durable as before. As you can see, there are many different uses for sheet piling. This material is durable, long-lasting, and can offer a reliable solution when soil or water needs to be kept in place.

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