Godfrey Ditch Canal Water Diversion Project

Evans, CO


After examining the interactions between water and sediment within a 20-mile segment of the Middle South Platte River, Otak engineers and geomorphologists reconfigured the Godfrey diversion structure. The new design reduced sediment, improved maintenance, limited damage in future floods, enhanced aquatic and riparian habitats, and enabled fish and safe recreational boating passage.

Working with the Middle South Platte River Alliance, Godfrey Ditch Board, and Naranjo Civil Constructors, the team finalized the design of moving the current point of diversion upstream and replacing it with a bladder dam structure.

An additional part of the project included the stabilization of a large actively eroding bank that was threatening the Godfrey Ditch.

Construction included a mixture of large timbers, rocks, and revegetation to slow the flow directed at the bank, allowing enough time for vegetation to re-establish, and providing long-term bank stability.

The project involved regular communication with federal and state funders, landowners, and other stakeholders.

Contractor: Naranjo Civil Constructors

Naranjo Civil Constructors have been a respected leader in the civil and riverine construction in Colorado and Wyoming for more than 30 years. Whether Naranjo Civil Constructors are creating a pedestrian pathway, rehabilitating a road, stabilizing a river after a flood, or building a retaining wall they lead way in award-winning projects within the Rocky Mountain and SW Regions.

JD Fields

JD Fields was able to provide same-day order and pick up for an additional 40’ hot rolled sheet pile to assist the same day for the above project when the water flow/levels increased from 400 cubic feet per second to a dangerously 1400 cubic feet per second.

The 40’ sheet pile provided a higher water retaining dam and keep the project moving forward while providing a safe and secure work zone.