Deep Foundation for Office Complex

Albany, NY


Ferraro Pile & Shoring was contracted to install over 350 HP14x102 Piles driven to an ultimate load of over 850 kips each.

The soil conditions at the site consisted of soft compressible clay overlying the bedrock with the piles requiring to have a driven length of 135 ft.

In order to speed up the completion date and to avoid handling of materials on a tight site. Ferraro Pile & Shoring developed a plan of driving the 135 ft long HP14x102 in a single piece, thus reducing the need for a large laydown area and the time associated with a splicing operation.

JD Fields was a critical part of the planning and implementation of the project, by organizing and delivering the piles to the site in single length pieces such that they could be delivered on an as-needed schedule in order not to inundate the site with material.

Piles were able to be installed safely and ahead of schedule.


tons of piling


piles installed at 135 ft each


piles installed per day without field splicing